The Most Amazing Palaces in the World

Most of the amazing palaces in the world are those that have enough money to buy them. Usually, these are royalty that has purchased the place to live called a palace. Let’s explore some of the most amazing palaces in the world. Some of these are so stunning, you may wish you owned them!

Around the World
Not surprisingly, the majority of these palaces are NOT in the United States. One of the first palaces in the world is in Portugal. It was originally built as a monastery
and was protected as each king protected it under their rule. There are several other palaces that are a bit bigger than this one I mentioned.

One beautiful palace is called the Pena National Palace in the country of Portugal. It was built in 1845 by someone named King Ferdinand II. That’s quite a funny name for a king, but times were different and making fun of a name wasn’t common back then. This was built from a monastery that crumbled from an earthquake in the 1500’s. It’s amazing what they have done with the place, considering it was a place where an earthquake came and shook the building down. It makes me wonder why we built this palace.

Amba Vilas Palace, it’s located in southern India, for those who don’t know. It’s actually owned and occupied by the royal family of Mysore, a place in India. (Yes, I spelled that right and I’m completely aware that it’s literally spelled my sore, squashed together.) It would be funny here, but in India, just please don’t say that. Mysore Palace is perhaps one of the most famous historic sites in India.

Summer Palace is one of those palaces in Beijing, China of all places. This was once used as a kind of retreat for China’s imperial rulers. It is unknown (as of this writing), whether it still is used, but it looks stunning in the light. Although the palace is oddly shaped to other people, it’s perfect for them to have spires on either side so someone can be a lookout. This is a great idea, since the Summer Palace is surrounded by water. Even if it isn’t a king or the Emperor, imperial rulers of China should still be protected! The water looks great from that view, I’m sure.

The Palace of Versailles is a spot in France that is very beautiful. This palace used to be a hunting lodge in the olden days that have long since past. Now, the Palace of Versailles is in a wealthy suburb of Paris, with only 12 miles to go before you reach the French capital city. This palace was actually built by Louis the thirteenth.

Buckingham Palace
If you haven’t heard the name Buckingham Palace someplace yet, you might be living under a rock! If you have, congratulations, it is a palace and we will talk about it here. This is the official workplace of the British Monarch. As you know, most places have kings and queens instead of having a Pope or a President to lead the people. Buckingham Palace is located in the city of Westminster and this is the place where people gather for very special occasions. This has also been a place of great mourning when the country is in crisis, but enough about that.

This is a complex that is located in Spain. It’s original purpose was to be a fortress where battles were fought in 800 A.D. This was shortly changed in about 1333 when it was converted into a palace by a sultan. What a guy to do this, right? But why not? A sultan is royalty, and we have learned with enough money, you can do most anything.

Potala Place
This palace is located in Tibet Autonomous Region, China. So there is another in China, but not the same one. Potala Palace is the greatest palace in all of Tibet. Potala was not started until about 1645 by one of the Dali Lamas. It’s very interesting to know they knew how to build that long ago, in 1645.

Many Others
There are many other palaces around the world that we haven’t talked about. Most are famous, like the Buckingham Palace, practically everyone has heard about. Then there are the palaces that are as far away as Tibet that almost no one has heard about, but it’s there. It’s great to learn about far away places and maybe make plans to see some of them. A picture is worth a thousand words, but to be there looking at it, would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.